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 College Impact will help establish a biblical foundation to inspire a very deep commitment in Christian college students to transform their campuses. This book provides a practical leadership strategy that challenges them to use and leverage their influence to accomplish the Great Commission at their colleges and universities for the Glory of God.

The audience for this book ranges from college bound Christians to those currently matriculating. This is also a good resource for pastors and leaders who target those between the ages of 16-25. 


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 Book Excerpt below:

College is an interesting time; it always has been. Think about it you spend your whole life doing what you are told, following the rules (or rebelling against them, if you are like me), and trying to walk in the guidelines set for you. In high school, you were told where to go and how fast you should get there. You were supposed to do what you were told! This was best for you. It was all for your safety and well being. Thank God for parents and their restrictions because without them many would not make it to adulthood. 

On the flip side, once you’re in college, no one forces you to do anything. Don’t want to go to class? OK. Want to sleep until 3pm? Go for it! You want to stay up and party all night and forego church? You’re the boss!  You are grown. Your parents are not there to hold your hand every moment of the day. You don’t have to study, go to church, pray, read the Bible: nothing.

This reality hit me like a ton of bricks when I got to college. Someone dropped me off at my residence hall and drove off. I began to think, “I’m hungry.” There was no one to drive me to the store. No one was there to point me to the kitchen for pre-purchased delicacies with which to stop my raging appetite. Once I found the cafeteria, no one told me not to make a pig of myself. I felt so alone and yet so free. If I walked away from God in that moment, who would care? Who would stop me? That’s the college experience; it’s a chance to either grow up or walk away from following Christ passionately. 

For Christians, many take this as an opportunity to create a new identity and separate from the things that were “holding them back;” Holding them back from experiencing what they would deem “fun.” Sadly, that often means walking away from a vibrant relationship with Christ and anything that has to do with the Christian faith. The same wonderful youth group kids become total pagans by their senior year of college, others much sooner. Young believers are sometimes so hungry for worldly experiences, freedom from their parents, and freedom from the rigor of their faith that they gorge on the world and its poison kills them.  Some statistics have the number of church kids that abandon the faith at over 80%. That is both a frightening and heartbreaking thought to the church at large. It means the next generation will be potentially be lost.

 Great Commission

My question is, “What happened to the Great Commission?” What happened to being light in a dark world? Then Jesus said…

“I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.”

Matthew 28:18-20 (NLT) 

 How will anyone come to Jesus if the ones who are supposed to carry the message of love and hope give up? For all believers, following Jesus should not be a fad or a thing to do. It’s a life of reckless abandonment for the purposes of God in the face of what the world presents. This is the Great Commission; to go and carry His name to the world and show others that He is more beautiful and worth living for than anything else. Now imagine the person who doesn’t know God. The student who didn’t grow up in church or never has had a Jesus experience. Where and when would they have the opportunity to hear about our great Savior? If most of the people who are there to communicate the Good News to them are missing in action, then there is a great need for more workers of God’s Kingdom. 

 There are over 17,000,000 college students in the United States. Around 80% of them don’t profess to be Christians. That means that college campuses are great mission fields. Many young believers would give their right arm to be able to go to some other country to lift a banner for Jesus. But, how many will embrace the call to take Jesus to the campus nearest them? It’s sometimes harder to make a difference in the place you are most familiar. That’s probably because the cost can be much higher. When you go on a short term trip to another country, you have no reputation, no one knows you, and you will be leaving soon. On the campus, the situation is much different. Those people will see you every day and intensely inspect your life requiring you to live out the standards you profess.  It will potentially cost you the life and the reputation that you have built for yourself. The truth of the matter is that this is the call, for you to lay your life down, to deliver the most important message someone could ever hear so they can have an opportunity to live for Christ That message should first be communicated right where you are.